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Hi, I’m a landscape designer Ram. I create garden designs with creativity and care. My gardens with fountains spark joy and interiors with aquariums create relaxed spaces. I serve my clients in Cork City, South Cork and West Cork.


Relax with sparkling fountains and ponds.


Let the colourful lights change your mood.


Surround yourself within exotic gardens.


Immerse yourself to the sounds of nature.

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What my clients say

A few nice words about my creative gardening skills.
Ram is something of a Magician. He has that rare and wonderful combination of vision with inspired creativity, practical skills with resourcefulness, work ethic with good-natured calmness and is undauntedness by the macro-task yet has a thorough eye for detail. He took my old swamp, completely consumed by the most gigantic Gunnera, and ambitiously set about transforming it into a work of nature art. He emanates a love of nature as he works and has the ability to bring wild beauty into his creations, so that my brand new pond looks like Mother Nature herself created it decades ago. That old swamp is now a pond so magnificent that it is the first thing your eye is drawn to in the garden. His final brushstroke of a dinky garden seat and coloured hanging candle lamps (all up-cycled for free!) create a vision of tranquility by the pond side that is utterly compelling, even the most driven among us is magnetically drawn down by a pond side that beckons you to come sit, pause and enjoy. My heartfelt thanks to Ram, the pond will always be a totem to all that he is and all that he has done to create such a place of serenity and beauty in my garden.
Freya Sherlock
Ram worked in my garden for two hard weeks creating fabulous paths winding their way to the ground, which he cleared, for my new greenhouse. He was thoughtful in his design and very hard working. Ram had to move various plants and trees, which he did most successfully, and they thrived. The grass was removed in turfs and re-laid, successfully too. He also emptied my compost bins and dug over my vegetable garden. If this was not enough, he repaired the fencing around the vegetable patch too. He planned his worked each day and carefully thought out the design and work that needed doing. His care of the existing plants and the forethought that he put it was well worth the transformation that occurred in my garden. I highly recommend him to anyone who might like to employ this tall energetic man.
Lise Julian
gardener's hands in soil
Ram has worked for me twice this year. He’s a pleasure to work with, full of ideas for design and innovation. But ideas are just part of his merit – he’s also a tremendously hard worker, capable of applying lateral thinking to difficult jobs to find the best way to tackle them. He’s also skilled at dealing with machinery, pointing up problems and finding good solutions. In an old property like mine, troubleshooting is essential and I found Ram to be very capable of clear thinking, alternative design and adaptation to circumstances. I have no hesitation in recommending him fully and look forward to having him back to work with me in the future.
Lulu Sinnott

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